Undergraduate Admissions

An applicant to the undergraduate programs (Bachelor Degree) must have completed at least a high school education.

Admission Procedures

Students applying for admission to undergraduate programs must observe the following procedures:

  1. Submit a completed and signed Application Form
  2. Submit all documents that are required by the admissions office
  3. Submit the $100 Application Fee (non-refundable)

Admission Evaluation

Admission to the program is based on the combination of strength of educational curriculum attempted and cumulative grade point average. Prospective students’ application will be reviewed and decided for admission on an individual basis, and the student may be asked to provide additional evidence of academic proficiency.

Post-Admission Procedures

  1. Students will be assigned to an Academic Advisor who will assist the student with academic planning.
  2. Orientation for new students will be held during the first week of each quarter.
  3. All students will receive a student handbook containing information regarding student services, student expectation, student rights and responsibilities, student conduct policies, library services, and learning resource services.