Education Objectives

  1. The educational goal of the program is to help students to acquire critical knowledge and insight, internalize Christian values with spiritual integrity, and exercise grace in every situation in an effort to impact the church and the world.
  2. We value the importance of our role to educate and disciple Christian leaders; we emphasize the development of character and conduct that reflects Christ-likeness.
  3. The educational goals of Horizon Institute are accomplished through a comprehensive program of biblical, theological, and general education, Christ-centered service, and applied scholarship in practical environments.
  4. Students will develop the ability to exegete the whole Word of God based upon sound knowledge and theology.
  5. Students will learn to exercise critical and creative thinking skills that are necessary to analyze ideas and solve problems.
  6. Students will integrate their learning into a Christian worldview based upon sound biblical exegesis.
  7. It is the intent of Horizon Institute that all students develop and exercise personal sensitivities and interpersonal skills that facilitate harmonious relationships in ethnically and culturally diverse environments.